Quality and function matter

Our new bikes run from about 280 to 1800

Second hand for sale from 75 to 1500.

You'll get what you pay for, of course.

Most bikes are customised to suit the purpose and rider, often at no extra cost. We want to provide you with the right bike, of sufficient quality to give you years of use, at a good price.

We custom build quite a few steel framed cycles, particularly tourers, commuters and cross-country mountain bikes. Reynolds 853 and Tange Prestige are popular, from Cotic and Charge.

We also have everything from:

We can even build you a frame from reynolds or columbus from about three and a half pounds, or modify your steel frame for discs, singlespeed, touring, whatever.

CALL US ON 0117 9268961 (9.00-5.30 6 days a week)

Last updated 09/05/2013 : Updated whenever humanly possible, pretty rare.